Duo-AquaTrapTM - Onboard (Spin On) Filtration System

Remove free and suspended water on a single pass.

440 hp Truck with fuel from own bulk tanks, clearly particle and water contamination – Duo-AquaTrap™ saving injectors.


John Deere using Duo-AquaTrap™ in Ghana

Thermo King - Standard OEM factory specification on all Thermo King (GEA Refrigeration Africa) new fridges sold in South Africa

Linde Forklift - fitted at OEM Linde South Africa.

iSo-SpecSure™ Duo-AquaTrap™ cartridge is sub –Micron (Yellow),as it removes printer toner on a single pass, also available in cartridges and 2(GREEN) and 10(RED)  micron


700 hours as pre-filter ,sub-micron (iSo-SpecSure™) Duo-AquaTrap™ diesel filter, left with synthetic  multi- layer mediums  ,OEM filter did not even change colour on right


Who said one can’t have capacity and efficiency in a multi layered depth synthetic filter (iSo-SpecSure™) .it’s all in the design. 1000 hours pre-filter sub –micron filtration in harsh environment with double suspended water protection

iSo-SpecSure™ - iCerMax™ proprietary patented advanced particle filtration mediums, setting standards on sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, in harsh high levels of contamination, at affordable cost per litre filtration.

iAquaMax™ - iCerMax™ revolutionary patented permanent sustainable removal of suspended water in diesel, the number one cause of modern injector failure. After vigorous research iCerMax™ developed an effective and innovative sustainable water separation solution.

The device is almost entirely constructed out of “GRP,” whilst the design incorporates a full transparent bowl that allows for fuel quality inspection with easy. The design of the unit allows for multiple mounting options, allowing for multiple flow directions as well as the availability of an adaptor to make the unit compatible with other dominant market devices.

The units are compact, with cartridge changes being made simple, thus allowing it to be multi-functional as well as cost effective. The water drain tap is self-venting, whilst the unit is available in several configurations to suit all diesel engines. from LDV, 4x4, forklifts, trucks and earth moving equipment.

The spin-on technology incorporated in the device is reusable making it environmentally friendly as well as maintenance being seen in cartridge replacement only, hence reducing environmental waste even more.

The Duo-AquaTrapTM operates in a four-stage system, where stage one is geared towards dirt particle filtration through a multi pleated combined synthetic media. Stage two, also geared towards dirt particle filtration, incorporates the use of multi-layered depth media, which is dual supported for maximum collapse resistance. Stage three is aimed at water separation and achieves this through use of a permanent resin coated screen highly effective in the removal of suspended water. Stage four, too is aimed at water separation, uses a resin coated combination media that has been proven to have a 99.9% efficiency level.

The process culminates so as to separate both particle contamination as well as water, thus allowing for sustainable quality assurance of the fuel.

Duo-AquaTrapTM - Double Water x2 - Double Particle x2 = ultra-injector protection

3 Filters in one:

  • Water Trap
  • Spin-on filter
  • Depth media
  • Conceptualised ,designed and manufactured in Africa for African conditions
  • High dirt holding capacity for extreme sub-micron efficiency
  • Separates and removes water successfully – even in Low Sulphur Diesel
  • Dual Stage water separation
  • Permanent resin coated stainless steel screen
  • Market leading resin coated combination media, proven to 99.9 % water removal efficiency
  • Full transparent bowl for fuel quality inspection
  • Red floating ball to indicate presence of water in plastic bowl
  • Compact with ease of cartridge change
  • Self venting water drain tap
  • Ideally designed for suction side applications however will accommodate pressure applications up to 3 BAR
  • Dual supported for maximum collapse resistance
  • Available in configurations to suit all diesel engines from LDV,4x4,forklifts,trucks and earth moving equipment

OEM approvals:

Saving Kingsley Beverages from major production losses and injector failures on a critical fleet of forklifts that occurred on ONE bad fuel delivery!

Kingsley Beverages in Malvern had a delivery of disastrously contaminated fuel mostly laced with water, from their long time fuel supplier.

This could have resulted is a complete production disaster on the production line, as forklifts are crucial in ensuring the inbound and outbound logistics on the running production line.

Fortunately the entire fleet of 19 Forklifts were fitted with Duo-Aqua-Trap™ filters.

iCerMax™  saved the day, allowing the insipid fuel to have minimal impact on production, however, had a normal OEM filter been fitted, it would simply have not been able to handle the pure volume of free and suspended water. With the sensitivity of common rail injector systems, particularly to water in suspension, this would have undoubtedly had a disastrous result in production losses and major repair bills on equipment with the added costs of hire/replacement charges for stand in forklifts.

filterIn the photo on the right Jakes is pumping the diesel from the tank of a Kingsley bakkie that was unfortunately also filled with this delivery of fuel. He is using an iCerMax™ Duo-AquaTrap™ as a funnel to separate the water from the diesel, being pump from the tank so as to demonstrate the harsh fuel quality that allowed the bakkie to only drive 1,8 km after being filled before the OEM filters failed, resulting in a costly breakdown. The bakkie is now also fitted with a Duo-AquaTrap™ so as to save all the unnecessary expenses, which simply could have been avoided.  

With an ineffective filter system being used on the bulk tank, during this fiasco, Kingsley Beverages have now installed iCerMax™ bulk filtration filters on their bulk tanks. iAquaMax™ is fitted with our iCerMax™ “trademark” visual inspection glass, to monitor the quality of all fuel deliveries and instantly indicate the presence of water or dubious fuels delivered – the ideal police man on any  batch of fuel delivered.

Don’t take the risk and compromise your costly equipment’s lifespan, choose the filtration option that won’t let you down, no matter the crisis - iCerMax™

Linde Forklift - fitted at OEM Linde South Africa.

iSo-SpecSure™ Duo-AquaTrap™ cartridge is sub –Micron (Yellow),as it removes printer toner on a single pass, also available in cartridges 2(GREEN)  and 10(RED) micron

Separating water permanently from diesel

Media continuously remove water at optimal level

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