iSo-SpecSureTM – Diesel Particle Filter

IMG_3663iSo-SpecSureTM is a market leader in particle filtration in diesel fuels, whilst obtaining sustainable iSo-Cleanliness levels in harsh as well as highly contaminated environments and enabling accurate monitoring of the filtration medium’s efficiency are among some of the factors that sets the iSo-SpecSure™ apart in the market.

iSo-SpecSureTM Diesel Particle Filter is advanced in that it addresses the various fundamentals of superior filtration, by utilizing superior components:

  • Multiple combinations of various different micron rated filtration mediums – depth Synthetic polyesters, advanced multi pleated papers and multi layers of depth synthetics.
  • Multiple Layers of each filtration medium ensuring reliable complex structures of Depth filtration
  • Multiple internal support structures
  • Three cartridge options in iCerMaxTM to ensure iSo-levels are obtained and maintained – target iSo levels 12/9/6

The factors combine to give an output of sustainable cleanliness levels, whilst ensuring structural integrity of the filtration medium and attaining a heightened dirt holding capacity. The impact on flow resistance is negligible and the unit operates at differential pressure levels, whilst remaining a viable cost effective option as it uses changeable cartridges, which are the extent of the maintenance required. Due to the heightened capacity of the unit it allows for the prolonged extension of the maintenance intervals, which too boosts the environmentally friendly aspect of the system as well the cost effectiveness.

Cross cut of iSo-SpecSureTM multimedia, multi layered, multi support filtration media, demonstrating superior, sustainable cleanliness levels & holding capacity.

iCerMax™ Diesel Particle Filter media is available in various sizes and choice of three cleanliness level options.

iSo-SpecSure™ Duo-AquaTrap™ cartridge is sub –Micron (Yellow), as it removes printer toner on a single pass, also available cartridges in 2(GREEN) and 10(RED) micron



Duo-AquaTrap™– 3 in one patented Filtration system, simply the most effective, sustainable free & suspended water removal filter in the market, utilising two proven mythologies for double water protection, combined with a choice of 2 micron(GREEN), 10 micron(RED), or using iSo-SpecSure™ (YELLOW) sub-micron replacement cartridges for addressing particulate dirt contamination

Used by OEM’s and in various sectors –Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Transport, Marine, Generators, Refrigeration, Handling equipment and the 4×4 industry.

The iSo-SpecSureTM Diesel Particle Filter is available as a bulk dirt particle filters – three cartridge options dependable on clients iSo level requirements. As well as a range onboard filtration cartridges interchangeable with current market filtration housings.

iSo-SpecSureTM is a combination media, utilizing various different micron rated filtration mediums, multi –layered to depth filtration and multi support to each filtration medium in every filtration cartridge system that guarantees measurable, as well as sustainable ISO-cleanliness levels. This ensures an elevated dirt and holding capacity.

iSo-SpecSure™ Multi medium bag filters (NEW concept in the Market place) –

ideal for pre-filtration to lower downstream filtration costs.  Especially, where maintenance costs are sky rocketing due to the frequent replacement of costly spin-on filters used in bulk tank applications. Spin-on filters inherently have capacity and efficiency issues due to deferential pressures on a small filtration surface area which is exacerbated by their easy medium compromise and vibration of the medium.

iSo-SpecSure™ Bag filters – multi mediums, multi layers and multi medium supports.

  • Based on own design – therefore iSo-SpecSure™ quality
  • Bag filter layers, various micron ratings
  • Cellulose medium
  • Multi Depth synthetic layers –various micron ratings
  • Multi internal structural supports and media support layers
  • Ensured higher sustainable cleanliness levels
  • High filtration medium integrity
  • Low differential pressure
  • Install into current bag filter housings
  • Design filter banks to handle any flow rates
  • Use inside tanktainers
  • Substantially lowered filtration costs per litre
  • Higher dirt holding capacity and efficiency than polypropylene bags
  • Water addressed with iAquaMax™ range


Or simply use in basic installations inside bag filters housings. Highly effective particle and water filtration solution in one easy installation skid. Plug & Play.


iCerMax™ improves on virtually any market cartridges – we don’t copy, we improve functionality and efficiency to ensure quality and manufacture only to the iSo-SpecSure™ principles.

iSo-SpecSure™ bulk tank filter cartridges – multi mediums, multi layers and multi medium supports.
iSo-SpecSure™ bulk tank filter cartridges – multi mediums, multi layers and multi medium supports.

iSo-SpecSure™ Bulk filter cartridges -Multi mediums filters for fuel filtration vessels

Each cartridge is designed with multi filtration mediums and layers.

  • Multi bag filter layers of various micron ratings for per- filtration loading
  • Cellulose paper – pre-filtration and dirt loading
  • Multi layered synthetic mediums of various micron ratings
  • Multi support mediums and layers throughout the cartridge

iSo-SpecSure™ bulk tank filter cartridges – multi mediums, multi layers and multi medium supports.

Custom make to clients requirements and specifications to fit in client’s current filtration vessels.

  • iSo-SpecSure™ quality
  • Ensured higher sustainable cleanliness levels
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • High filtration medium integrity
  • Low differential pressure
  • Install into current bulk tank filter housings
  • Water addressed with iAquaMax™ range


Ultrafine -iSo-SpecSure™ Depth Synthetic on-board cartridge – (DIESEL & OIL) used after the OEM filters

These filters are not mere market copies, but improvements on function, capacity and efficiency by applying the iSo- SpecSure™ principals – multi mediums, multi layers and multi support. This enables the user to extend service hours if used in conjunction with a filtration blueprint and constant iSo levels monitoring. iCerMax™ products have extended clients in plant applications from 250 hours intervals to reaching 1000 hours. This has major saving implications on servicing costs and production.

Ultrafine –iSo-Specsure™ Depth synthetic On-board depth filtration filters for diesel. Fits into common market used filter housing, various sizes variable.

We can custom manufacture cartridges, but the aim is to improve the original designs on efficiency and capacity, not mere copiers, otherwise we don’t .


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