Why iCerMaxTM

The advantages of using iCerMaxTM filters, starts with using multi-functional, wear resistant iSo-SpecSure™ & iAquaMax™ filtration solutions. The products are ideal for liquid filtration even on an industrial application scale. iCerMaxTM filters assure sustainable cleanliness levels due to the durable materials used in their construction they compare as generally superior to other market products.

The structural integrity of iCerMaxTM filters aren’t subject to the compromise of multiple surges, hammering effect, operating pressures or pressure variance. Devices have excellent capture efficiency with unsurpassed micron efficiency, regardless of surges or normal operating pressure.

The main flaw to most filter mediums available is the dirt capture as well as retention capacity, however, as iCerMaxTM filters use mediums of great structural integrity there are no costly dirt seepages that compromise the cleanliness levels. All products allow for real time monitoring of the filtration process, which allows for accurate estimation of replacement intervals and maintenance. iCerMax™ filters are not subject to dry or cold starts and multiple surges regardless of whether the medium is contaminant logged or not.

The enhanced multi-functional application of the filters includes coalescing and purification. These filters are available to be tailored to the client’s needs, where various combinations may be adapted as the systems are flexible in their application. The system are easy to transport as well as alteration of components can be done as need be. Therefore iCerMaxTM offers versatility to the client’s requirements, due to the adaptable modular nature of the products offered.

iCerMaxTM filters offer this level of service whilst being cost effective, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and efficient. The units are versatile in comparison to other market products and are able to be fitted to several forms of housing, customized to the client’s requirements.

The iAquaMaxTM units offered by iCerMax™ is a market leader in water separation, being efficient, whilst remaining economically viable. The unit is easy to operate and allows for constant monitoring of the water separation process, which is among some of the factors that have set the iAquaMaxTM apart in the market.

iCerMaxTM too caters for the needs of fleet management in their prevention of fuel theft, through the application of the iCustodian™ anti-siphon device. This device, which has been patented, has been developed over years of trial and error so as to arrive at the most effective fuel protection device available. The installation of such a device makes it virtually impossible to access the fuel tank without directly attacking the robust device itself, thus making it a formidable defense against fuel theft.

The above-mentioned factors are amongst some of the reasons that show why iCerMax™ products differentiate themselves in the market place. The filters excel vigorously in the market on all filter requirement criteria. All products display reliable performance, sustainability, structural integrity and economic viability.

Proprietary product innovation making a difference!  iCerMax™ products perform not only in labotory tests aiming to achieve claimed results, but in actual practical application.

Products are known to still perform optimally in harsh desert condition which, encompass extreme volumes of  ultra-fine “air born“ particles and  sharp crushed metal  particles with water condensing, due to daily temperature  extremes.


iCerMax™ is the sole filtration partner on the specific client mining sites, where we have materially reduced equipment failures and increase equipment availability so as to set a new sustainable benchmark in filtration cost effectivity.

“High Flow Bulk Tank” with a four stage filtration system for Anglo American. Ensuring sustainable cleanliness levels, far exceeding OEM requirements, thus ensuring warranty claims.

Oil company import depot on Mozambique border – inbound (inlet) and dispensing filtration, for use in South Africa. Filtering cost effectively fuel for commercial sale.


Sustainable Cleanliness levels on standard multi-stage filtration systems on the above mentioned coal mine with iSo-Specsure™. iCerMax™  offers the lowest cost per litter sustainable filtration solutions  for  particle and water (suspended & free water) filtration. Due to modular, multi stage philosophy in harsh conditions  with high volume yield to a simple kerbside pump, which could be easily adapted to various scales, such as farming equipment.



iSo-SpecSure™ – iCerMax™ proprietary patented advanced particle filtration mediums, setting standards on sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, in harsh high levels of contamination, at affordable cost per litre filtration.

iAquaMax™ – iCerMax™ revolutionary patented permanent sustainable removal of suspended water in diesel, the number one cause of modern injector failure. After vigorous research iCerMax™ developed an effective and innovative sustainable water separation solution.



Pure water removal from bulk tanks – IMPERIAL Alrode, and the iAquaMax™ diesel water filters still worked 100% when diesel returned in the process, after the iCerMax™ system removed over 700 ltr of pure water.

Duo-AquaTrap™- 3 in one patented Filtration system, simply the most effective, sustainable free & suspended water removal filter on the market, utilising two proven mythologies for double the water protection. This is combined with a choice of 10 micron(RED), 2 micron(GREEN) or using iSo-SpecSure™ (YELLOW) sub-micron replacement cartridges for addressing particulate dirt contamination.


Biggest engine killer of the modern engine is water, especially water in suspention.

Current market standard  for removal of Water is :

  • Paper based mediums to coales water, this has limited functionality due to water compensation of the paper mediums  and  particle dirt caking on paper medium, thus  limiting  coalescing ability.
  • Absorption media – highly effective but extremely limiting capacity, causing the filtration system to become  a mere bypass or  flow obstruction.
  • Static coalesors remove free water only, Suspended water simply passes through.
  • iAquaMax™  & our iAquTrap™ uses a metal screen  that allows for the products to sustainable remove suspended and free  water –  100% functional even after it was in contact with  100% water and emerged indefinitely in water.


iCerMax is setting a new standards in on-board filtration! The DUO-AquaTrap™ utilized by OEM’s so as to combat warranty claims as well as maintenance contracts. Rental fleets utilize the product as a fuel system protection guardian, so as to protect all on-board equipment with a 3 in one filter, that is a proprietary  designed concept by iCerMax™ and hence being a World first.


EASE of installation, low maintenance and custom design to each clients cleanliness specification  levels as well as budget  – Our product range empowers the end user to control and monitor the quality of fuel supplied by his supplier on each  and every diesel delivery.

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Independent National transport  company that claimed to have no problem with fuel cleanliness.  iCerMax™ demonstrated with our product range that they indeed had material contamination issues- see the water and particle contamination, which encouraged the company to now address their contamination in all National depots.


Contamination both particle and massive levels of water  in this Hino 440HP from fuel souced at  own home base fuel tanks in Unitrans Natl .
iCerMax™ Duo-AquaTrap™  clearly identified the contamination through efficency and it’s observable fuel principles. OEM filters were running normally on the site ,with the ocasional truck break down.


What we find in the market place is the following mythical belief around cleanliness levels:


Cleanliness levels do not concern us, we have a FML fleet contract  or a  OEM warranty.
There is “no problem with diesel fuel cleanliness levels” or it is the responsibility of our fuel suppliers to supply “clean” fuel.
Cleanliness levels do not concern us, we have a FML fleet or a warranty.

The following is the Market reality:

-Warranties and FML claims are being rejected on a daily basis by OEM’s due to non-compliance of

Cleanliness levels in fuel tank standards based on minimum ISO levels 18/16/14.

They are NOT based on SANS 342 mg/kg levels as this is an extremely weak indication: whether there is big particles, easy filterable or millions of < 4 micron particles, which are nothing more than liquid sandpaper .Physical  weight  of dirt has no indication nor correlation  of particle size distribution

Note: iSo 18/16/14 is filtered fuel and can be as little as 3 mg/kg  in relation to minimum requirement  by OEM ‘s  –See Komatsu ISO requirement

Most fuel retailers /suppliers don’t filter fuel in any form, some even import across borders, via Shipping and multi storage facilities.>
– Fuel tanker transport distributors commonly complain that the tanker’s own valves are damaged by contamination and have to clean tanker components regularly.
– Oil companies filters to 25 micron at refinery level.
– Common rail engines have a new enermy: suspended water and diesel/ water mixes via 3rd party fuel altering.
– Some OEM Brands are highly sensitive to suspended water and that results in instant injector failure and likely engine failure.

True words applicable on lack of or inadequate filtration systems: “you need sustainable cleanliness levels or the associated costs are inevitably over time going to be equated into various cost centres.” Down time- leads to production loss, transport costs to OEM’s, parts & labour expenditure, overtime labour costs, rental or additional equipment costs, etc. Everyday additional fuel consumption increases, due to additional injector wear as OEM filters are systematically compromised or over run due to pure volumes of non- prefilter contamination fuel over life cycle of equipment, which is usually budgeted for.


iCerMax™ is distributed via various international and local big branded  filtration distributors, that  surely  confirm  that iCerMax™ is setting new standards in the filtration market.

read article in the USA, please note African conditions are far HARSHER and challenging :


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