Telkom (official Spec) day tank kidney system

The iCerMax™ kidney system is designed for use on bulk tanks ranging from 50 to 83 000 liters. The system incorporates a 3 stage filter process including a water trap, on board spin on filter and depth synthetic filter. The use of this system ensures the removal of water and particles at multiple stages.

The design is aimed at the removal of free as well as suspended water. The units are designed for easy maintenance as well as incorporating a fully transparent bowl, so as to allow for fuel quality inspection. It can be fully customized on client request as the kidney systems are offered in mobile and bulk tanks.

Mobile tank systems are customized so as to be mounted to a mobile tank and provide both particle as well as water filtration that is portable with the fuel. The mobile tanks are equipped with water traps so as to allow for the easy observation of water drainage. Custom trailers and mobile bowsers are available to specification of client needs, whilst coming equipped with the mobile iCerMax™ kidney filtration system.

The smaller solar units are equipped with, GSM communications to alert for water pressure, tank level indicators as well as tracking of operating hours.

The unit comes with a programmable timer as well as a battery back up.

The unique Kidney system removes undesirable substances at multiple stages, even in low sulphur diesels, thus allowing the system to set a new market standard in water as well as particle filtration, which may be adapted to several forms and applications.


Diesel generators and kidney filtration


Kidney filtration for generator gensec’s -Plug and play

  • “State of art” complete control panel boxes
  • Range of zone 2 gear pumps or vain options
  • Custom stands & bund walls
  • Various iCerMax™ filtration skids options, two of the most popular skids

D4 – skid
D4 – skid

D1 skid
D1 skid

- High flow rates, allow for tank agitation ,avoid diesel fuel separation due to storage.
- iSo-SpecSure™ sustainable particle filtration standard.
- iAquaMax™ high efficiency suspended & free water removal.
- Handles high levels of contaminates in fuels
- Easy inspection & Maintenance.
- Ensure integrity of fuel at all Times – telecommunication, data centre’s & banks etc.






Generators: “whether they have day tanks or bulk tanks, ensure that the power stays on with iCerMax™ Filtration”

ICerMax™ is becoming the standard in diesel filtration efficiency, by ensuring generator diesel stays free of water and particle contamination as well as remaining in pristine condition for prolonged periods.

This ensures the power stays on........ At all times.

Telkom SA just installed another iCerMax™ filtration system (with MasterPower) at the main generator switch of Rosebank. Tender specifications, prescribed that only iCerMax™ units are to be used. The iSo- SpecSure™ for particle filtration and iAquaMax™ for suspended water removal both combine to form the basis of iCerMax™ proprietor products.

iCerMax™ Kidney filtration systems, which demonstrate a further application of the filtration systems, are ideal on day tanks or bulk tanks, where diesel is stagnant or in highly contaminated areas.


Kidney filtration systems are under used & misunderstood in filtration; yet offer functional and cost effective solutions to avoided future costly failures to equipment and production losses! Solutions are found through iCerMax™

volvoiCerMax™ has a wide range of kindney cleaning systems to address any size bulk tanks, day tanks, fuel transfers  or on-board equipment tanks during servicing of trucks.
Systems are available to be suitable for minor filtration right up to 500 litters per minute systems, which may be manual or fully automated.

Tanks over a period of time accumulate contamination (particles and water) on the bottom of the tank. As the tank pick up is not on the bottom of the tank, the contamination accumulates until it reaches a crucial level and then the on-board equipment filters are simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of contamination, leading to filtration medium compromise and this has direct catastrophic results on the common rail injector system.

iCerMax™ systems are designed to handle the vast amount of particle sludge and suspended/ free water on a cost effective as well as easily operated kidney system.

iCerMax™ DOES NOT utilise spin –on or cartridge filters as they have a very limited dirt holding capacity and are compromised rather early by water in the cleaning process. If a cartridge system is being used the actual cleaning levels achieved is questionable, as the filtration mediums are quickly compromised, due to shear volumes of contamination, which require frequent change out of cartridges, making it an ineffective, time consuming, costly exercise. If the filtration medium is compromised, contamination passes through the filter and the system does not indicate the presence of contaminant and that the filter requires a change out. This phenomenon is also found in bulk tank filtration where spin-on filters are used.

iCerMax™ utilises our iAquaMax™ proprietary water removal technology (remove free and suspended water) and iCerMax™ proprietary designed bag filters to achieve the required cleanliness levels in “iSo” standards, without medium compromise. The required cleanliness levels are attained, at a unsurpassed low cost per litre, as iCerMax™ filter bags are cost effective at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional spin-on  technology or filter cartridges.

iCerMax™ Kidney systems are breaking away from the norm and pioneering towards greater cleanliness levels unrivalled by the old school thinking of filtration, all this whilst remaining economically viable to the consumer.

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