Duo- Aqua Trap is a reusable spin-on filter utilised on LDV’s, forklifts, fridge motors, plant and machinery as well as certain HCV’s.

Duo 1000-500 is a coalesce dual water separator utilised in kidney systems, plant and machinery as well as certain HCV’s.

iCerMax™ Duo system addresses Particle and water contamination in fuels. An ideal pre-filter for particle and water contamination in various harsh environments. Complete contamination buster.

Utilises iCerMax™ depth ceramic medium for particle contamination and a coalesce water separator.

Guards against “third party” diesel, where no control on cleanliness levels from bulk fuel tanks exists

Highly cost effective for superior filtration.
Easy to fit
Used on all types of equipment, trucks or gensec’s
Three filters in the DUO range
Flow rates from 1.2 l/m, 3.7 l/m, Up to 681 l/h = 11.35 l/m

Key points of the design that offers market distinction (unique to this iCermax filter0

  • Particle contamination addressed by ceramic depth media
  • Water contamination addressed by iCerMax coalescing

Technical Specification Sheet

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