Particle Filtration

iCerMaxTM ceramic filtration is depth filtration with sustainable cleanliness levels. iCerMax possesses characteristics that ensure a market advantage over other medium. Nowhere is this more apparent than when one applies ceramics as a filter medium. This is not a new concept, as it is used extensively in water (capacity) and air (efficiency) filtration. iCerMaxTM however saw the potential to use ceramics for the filtration of hydrocarbons – a new concept application in the global market.

With efficiency and cost, over the entire volume filtered at sustainable cleanliness levels, with no media collapse, no surge sensitivity, no channel formation or water sensitivity we are setting a new bench mark in filtration with this non-flexible, vast dirt holding capacity medium.

Water Filtration

The “silent killer” – Water has inferior lubrication properties, pressure, corrosion, fuel oxidation, viscosity and bacterial & fungi etc.

Utilising the three coalesce principles of static centrefugal, surface separation and depth synthetic water coalescers – reliable, proven and effective methods results in highly effective water separation without the cost of expensive cartridges which typically collapse with a high volume of water concentrate and whose efficiency is compromised by particle contamination.

Bulk Tank Skid Solutions

Bulk filtration is mainly overlooked in the market place, and either doesn’t exist or is inferior. Non-sustainable filters are installed, that simply don’t have the dirt holding capacity nor handle the multiple surges or are inadequately maintained. This practice places vast pressure on the OEM filters of equipment and is directly responsible for warranty claims, the shorter economical lifecycles of equipment, higher maintenance costs and poor fuel consumption figures. Both water and particle contamination needs to be addressed on a sustainable and economically viable basis, with ease and clear maintenance intervals. There are multiple sites where the pressure gauges indicate positively that there is no flow restriction and that filtration is in progress. But yet the filtration medium is totally compromised. iCerMax medium’s integrity can’t be compromised. The gauges will indicate the true reflection of dirt contained without any filtration medium compromise.

iCerMaxTM ensures that if liquids flow through the depth ceramic medium, the cleanliness levels are sustainability improved and unconditionally obtained. The iCerMaxTM medium simply can’t fail and the pressure gauges provide an accurate reflection of the filter’s lifecycle.

All-in-one iCerMaxTM “Plug and Go” Combo Skid System unit offers the complete solution for addressing bulk tank contamination (both particle and water). It does so cost effectively with long maintenance intervals & low running costs and with easy installation.

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