iCustodian Anti Siphoning Devices

Prevent diesel and fuel theft with our Anti Siphoning Devices

See video below of savage crowbar attack on iCustodian Anti Siphoning Device, can your device withstand this or are the thief simply stealing your fuel thru the device design flaws.


iCerMax ™ vast range of custom Anti Siphoning Devices, design for effectiveness in combat of fuel theft, trusted physical fitment security and high flow rates.

Our Anti Siphoning Devices are NOT ELECTRONIC, don’t require power source, wiring or connections. iCustodian Anti Siphoning Device is strong physical barrier with over 10 year of experience.

iCustodian Anti Siphoning Devices are also custom made to accommodate clients own requests or needs. We are the market leader in physically protecting your Diesel fuels.

Some of our products, download the catalogue for more detailed information

iCustodian Anti Siphoning Device

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