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Diesel Filters

Bulk Tanks

Diesel Tank farm filtration throughout Africa and other parts of the world where the cost impact of the lack of sustainable filtration is being realised.

We proprietary designed Six skid combinations, that are used in a modular basis in various easy to install combinations to address any African fuel contamination scenario. Various combinations address: vast daily volumes, high dirt levels and free water levels up to 5%. These skids were designed in Africa for African conditions and maintenance standards.

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Equipment Filtration On-Board

This filtration range does not replace OEM filters, as it will compromise your warranty. They are additional pre-filters to ensure your OEM filters are not compromised on capacity and ensure the efficiency of OEM standard fitted filters. They allow OEM filters to function in ideal conditions.

The iCerMaxTM ceramic filters extend your economical lifecycle of engines and equipment due to the inherent characteristics that ceramic filtration offers. The iCerMaxTM is a “Bulldog “when it comes to Africa’s contamination levels.

It is widely accepted that the additional cost of implementing these filters, will be recovered via: the longer economical lifecycle of equipment, less equipment failure and your fuel bill variance alone will pay the associated costs, due to less internal engine wear and extended combustion efficiency.

Kidney Filtration

Fully automated cleaning system to ensure the diesel remains in an optimal condition. catastrophic non start-up of crucial equipment.

  • Circulates diesel to avoid diesel separation
  • Removes water and particle contamination
  • Automatically dumps free water, as water retained in the system causes algae and fungal growth to start by providing the habitat and food for such growth
  • Thus prevents algae and fungal growth